Striving to optimize

We impact our future together for the better

The future generations deserves it

Affect your business towards the future

With so many subscription based companies growing rapidly, we now have and opportunity to affect more than ever.

We want an proactive approach to the end-user with enviromental solutions, by for example giving the customer the opportunity to receive their shavers every 3 month or maybe even yearly instead of per month.

The effects would be…

Fewer deliveries of course means less need for transportation which leads to less Co2 into our atmosphere.

As a modern company in this century CSR is a huge part of a business case. By being certified by Striveify the company shows that it’s doing everything in it’s power to optimize for the better.

Bigger purchases from either end-user, reseller or whoever, usually drops the price, which leaves some margin on the table. Could benefit everybody, but certaintly the one who is Striveify certified

When we all the do the best we can, the output can only become better. Together we will acheive a better future by focusing on long term healthy business cases, and the next generation can build that further long after we are no longer walking this earth.

…by simply giving an option to choose better for the future

We can’t force anybody, but giving the end-user a choice is what we can do and have to do.

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